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Massage Credentials

I am indeed a “student of the game” and a life-long learner.  I love massage and I’m fascinated with anatomy, physiology, exercise, and on how massage can be used to enhance health.  There are many types of massage and each requires additional knowledge and skills which I can use to help my clients find relief from pain or move towards wellness.  

 I’m very proud of my credentials.  Below is a list of my formal training (classes approved by the State of Delaware).  In addition, a significant amount of my knowledge has come from self-directed learning: I have a large and ever-growing library of books and videos.   Also, my intellectual curiosity inspires me to spend many long hours surfing the web, constantly seeking more knowledge.

 I am not only a massage theapist but also a trainer.  For details about my background and to see my trainer credentials click here.  I have conducted courses on basic massage at a local school as well as traveled the country to teach classes on medical massage.  I currently offer a really fun class on how to use massage to reduce stress.  It's quite effective and truly hands-on.  For details click here.

Formal Massage Education Credentials

Advanced Massage and Bodywork
Baltimore School of Massage
4/7/91, 500 credit hours
Acupressure Institute
2/17/92, 150 credit hours
Cranial Sacral
Barrett Dorkow
2/15/94, 16 credit hours
Craniosacral Therapy
Baltimore School of Massage
4/14/96, 15 credit hours
Myofascial Release
John Barnes
7/14/96, 24 credit hours
Feldenkrais Method
Hans Hartmann
4/20/97, 4 credit hours
Touch for Health Kinesiology Association
7/10/97, 16 credit hours
Hemme Approach
10/23/97, 3 credit hours
Russian Neuromuscular for Fibromyalgia
Kurashova Institute 
12/13/98, 8 Credit hours
Orthopedic Functional Assessment
OMERI (Whitney Lowe)
12/12/99, 70 credit hours
Massage for Multiple Sclerosis
AMTA of Delaware
4/17/01, 2 credit hours
Eric Dalton
10/23/01, 2 credit hours
Chair Massage
Holistic Health School of Massage Therapy
4/21/02, 7 credit hours
Holistic Health School of Massage Therapy
5/19/02, 14 credit hours
Medical Billing and Ethics
The Medical Massage Office (TMMO)
1/10/04, 8 credit hours
Thoracic Spine
The Medical Massage Office (TMMO)
2/28/04, 8 credit hours
Lumbar Spine
The Medical Massage Office (TMMO)
2/29/04, 8 credit hours
Cervical Spine
The Medical Massage Office (TMMO)
3/13/04, 8 credit hours
Upper Extremities
The Medical Massage Office (TMMO)
3/14/04, 8 credit hours
Neuromuscular Re-education
The Medical Massage Office (TMMO)
3/28/04, 16 credit hours
Therapeutic Exercise
The Medical Massage Office (TMMO)
4/18/04, 16 credit hours
Manuel Therapy
The Medical Massage Office (TMMO)
5/15/04, 16 credit hours
The Medical Massage Office (TMMO)
5/22/04, 8 credit hours
Lower Extremities
The Medical Massage Office (TMMO)
5/23/04, 8 credit hours
Soft Tissue Techniques
Linda Foster Bradak
3/12/06, 14 credit hours
Rossiter System Techniques
Rossiter & Associates, Inc.
4/23/06, 14 credit hours
Trigger Points (Neuromuscular Therapy)
Deep Muscle Therapy Center
5/18/08, 12 credit hours
Stretching and Positional Release
Deep Muscle Therapy Center
6/1/08, 12 credit hours
Swine Flu and Viral Epidemics
Institute for Natural Resources
3/25/10, 6 credit hours
Unlocking Computer Shoulder
imassage (Eric Stevenson)
3/21/10, 7 credit hours
Cancer and Massage
Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies
8/10/10, 1 credit hour
Massage and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Center for Massage Therapy Education
8/23/10, 5 credit hours
Cancer and Massage:Contraindications
10/4/11, 2 credit hours
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies
2/8/12, 1 credit hour
Oncology Massage
Lauren Cates
2/24/12, 24 credit hours
Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Sean Riehl
9/20/12, 17 credit hours
My CE National
9/21/12, 4 credit hours
Anxiety, Anxiety Disorders and Massage
My CE National
9/24/12, 1 credit hour
PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
My CE National
9/24/12, 2 credit hours
My CE National
9/24/12, 1 credit hour
My CE National
9/26/12, 5 credit hours
Substance Abuse
My CE National
9/27/12, 2 credit hours
Domestic Violence
My CE National
9/27/12 2 credit hours
Sports Massage
My CE National
9/28/12, 12 credit hours
Orthopedic Massage
OMERI (Whitney Lowe)
3/15/13, 4 credit hours
Orthopedic Techniques (Lower Body)
OMERI (Whitney Lowe)
3/17/13, 16 credit hours
Scoliosis and Massage Therapy
Dr. Bryan K. Hawley
5/3/14, 1 credit hour
Healing Chronic Shoulder Pain
Ben Benjamin
10/24/15, 7 credit hours