Massage Coach About Trainer Credentials

Trainer Credentials

While training can be enjoyable and even fun, the most important thing is that it is effective.  No one wants to waste time.  There should always be a great return on investment, a clear benefit to participants as well as the organization.

A good trainer should not only be a subject matter expert but should be knowledgeable in various training strategies.  They need to be professional, engaging, always treat participants with respect, and be a good facilitator, able to lead meaningful discussions.

I love training and truly appreciate its power to transform individuals as well as organizations.  Done correctly, it should result in effective learning.

As you can see from the list below, I have conducted a wide variety of seminars.  I have even trained others in the fine art of training.  And when I train, my training evaluations are always outstanding.


Trainings I have conducted over the last 25 years:

Stress Management

Critical thinking and problem-solving

Conflict resolution

Customer service

Master Trainer - DDI (Development Dimensions International) certified

Train the Trainer


Communication skills

Team building