Massage Therapy for Stress/Anxiety/PTSD

Preliminary evidence shows that massage can help post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other anxiety disorders.  Anything that helps reduce stress can be very helpful for these conditions.

Many people suffer from varying degrees of post traumatic stress.  It could be from the lose of a loved one, fear of losing a sick child, being traumatized by rape, incest, torture, a car accident, or even by witnessing the trauma of someone else.

One major symptom of PTSD is hyperarousal, an extreme form of stress, in which someone is always on edge, always looking out for danger, always on guard.  It can be hard to get to sleep or stay asleep or to concentrate. This is accompanied with exhaustion, fear, even irritability and outbursts of anger.  The stress of PTSD can also affect your relationship with those around you, adding yet even more stress.

Massage has been repeatedly shown to be quite effective in reducing overall stress.  Soothing, caring touch can be very reassuring and help create calmness, relaxation, and a feeling of wellbeing, which can help break the cycle of fear, panic, anxiety, hyperarousal, and exhaustion.

Please note that PTSD is a serious condition.  Massage therapy should only be used in conjunction with treatments from your mental health provider, not as a stand-alone treatment.

Many people have suffered for years from PTSD.  Please contact me to discuss how massage can help.

Attention Veterans: 

I currently do pro bono work by volunteering at the Wilmington VA to give free massages to veterans with PTSD. If you are interested in trying massage for your PTSD you must first contact your healthcare provider at the VA. Please call (302)-994-2511 extension 4810 for details.