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Private Massage Training

Teach a man to fish............


Many types of massage are easily learned.  I can show you simple massage techniques so that you can do it yourself.

 If you want to learn how to do massage for yourself or others this is just what you need.  In just one hour I can show you a basic massage routine to relieve your tensions and stress.  Depending on your particular needs an additional hour or so of instruction may be needed.

 Not only do I know quite a lot about massage but I’m also quite good at showing you how you can do this for yourself.  Why pay for something you can do yourself?   With a minimum amount of training I can show you various massage techniques you can use at home to do self massage or to give your partner a great massage.  It’s really not that hard to learn.

 Please note that this is not recommended for actual medical conditions which require advance training.  It’s for general massage, to relieve the stresses of everyday life, help with the aches and pains of daily living, and to help you relieve stress.