Relaxation Massage

Sometimes you just want to relax.  Chill out.  Pamper yourself.  Twenty three years of experience have made me an expert at providing the ultimate relaxation massage.  I use swedish massage, acupressure, soft percussion, gentle rocking, and relaxing music. Relax your body and mind, let your worries drift away, enjoy the calmness.

For some, however, you not only want to relax, you need to relax. Being chronically overstressed has been shown to be a significant factor in most diseases and medical conditions.  There is overwhelming evidence that massage can reduce stress. I have taught stress management classes for many years.  Also, my advanced training in massage for anxiety and PTSD has given me many insights into the treatment of excessive stress. In addition to an hour of blissful relaxation I can, if you'd like, offer you many useful tips that you can use to help manage your own stress.