Massage Coach Seminars Massage for Stress

Massage for Stress

Everyone knows massage can ease stress and reduce tension.  What’s more, in just a few hours it’s very easy to learn how to give a good relaxation massage! 

Over the last 16 years I have conducted this training seminar to the general public.  I have taught well over 1,000 people.   Everyone loves this class!  It's a lot of fun yet it's also very effective at teaching people the value of using massage to relieve stress and showing some simple techniques that are easily learned. 

The class is rather straigforward: Participants are paired up.  I demonstrate each technique which they then practice on their partner.  This truly is a hands-on training.  

I go over the do’s and don’t of giving an effective massage, such as which techniques are best for which muscles, correct ergonomics for giving a massage, and how to keep your hands from hurting.  The focus is on the upper back, neck, shoulders arms and hands.  Along the way participants also learn a few other effective tips for reducing stress.

The feedback I receive for this seminar is outstanding. No one ever wants the class to end.  Participants leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, and confident in their ability to use massage to reduce their stress.

There is overwhelming evidence that reducing stress reduces sick time and improves performance, with a significant increase in the bottom line of your company,

The class is fully customizable to meet your particular needs.  

If your business or organization is interested please contact me for details.